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Most are aware that the world is experiencing an extremely trying time right now. From Paris to Syria to Iraq. Violence is engulfing the world. Now, we ask ourselves, “What is the world coming to?” and “Whose to blame?”.  Well, to put it blatantly, we are destroying ourselves. We have created a society fueled by hate. The hate is caused by unjust discrimination, the desire to find a flaw with everyone who is different or anyone we disagree with. We are running out of spiteful things to say and so people begin to resort to violence. A thirst for control and a loathing of variance is at root of the savagery.

Whose to blame?”. Well, which brutal attack is this question directed at? It’s sad that there is so much hate and violence going on that you have to be specific when asking this.  Which extremists? Which terrorist? Which mislead group of middle-aged, brainwashed, religious followers? If we were to aggregate all the attacks, I’d say it’s radicalism in it’s entirety. A violent attempt to force the world to conform to their beliefs in forced evolutionism. The world is overcome with fear and grief because a group of people think that their way is the only right way. This is an extremely narrow-minded way of living and it’s hurting the lives of many. Christians, homosexuals, atheists, political parties, all nationalities; everyone feels under persecution while at the same time everyone is guilty of persecuting one another.

We all are entitled to a personal opinion. We just need stop attempting to force our personal opinions upon other people. This world is nearly consumed with grief and pain because of this.  We are a damaged society. At this time, we need to come together, forget trivial diversity, and comfort and support each other. We all need it. The world needs it. May our hearts, minds, and (for those religious) prayers be with the world. aprayerforworld



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