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Self-diagnosed Narcissist

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

21 traits of a Narcissist, 

and I have them all,

Incredibly vain,

Impossible to tame, 

Yet mind…mindbogglingly insecure,

There’s not really a cure,

Charismatic and charming,

It’s not all bad,

Until I get mad,

Controlling and conceited,

Things can get heated,

I’ve an inflated self-perception,

The center of attention,

I require constant admiration,

They say I’m inauthentic,

and I thirst for power,

Maybe so. 

I  light up a room like the almighty flame flower,

My mind in disarray, 

Few things, do I downplay,

I’ve a lack of empathy 

And magnified hypersensitivity, 

Needy and easily hurt,

Dominance expert,

Hindered by a  life without absolution. 

To the outside world, I’m strong, 

They’re wrong.

Everyone has a few of these traits. These traits consume the entire personalities of many. To sum it up, we all have a little narcissist in us. 








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