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The Story About That One Ex Jumbled with Religion.

I was dating a kind, cute, down-to-earth,sweet, great Mormon (LDS ,The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints) boy. We had been dating steadily for a little over three months. We got along well, but we couldn’t connect and we honestly had nothing in common. That’s reason enough to break up with him, I think.

We had very different religious beliefs. He is Mormon. I’m Agnostic. I respected his beliefs and accepted that on some things, we could never agree. It was early in the relationship and I thought we could overlook our diverse beliefs. As time went on, he became restless and began to constantly question me.

“Why did you leave the LDS faith?”

Well, I’m a strong independent woman and the male-dominant,controlling organized religion didn’t fit my personal outlook on life.

“How can you not believe in Jesus?”

I have found no concrete proof that Jesus was the son of a higher power.

“Do you really consider Agnostic as your belief?”

It is a belief.It’s hope. Hope that I will not enter oblivion once I die. Hope in an afterlife. Hope that my life has a purpose.

“How are you Agnostic if you believe in the Big Bang theory”

Easy, my mind is Atheist but my heart is Agnostic. There is actual,physical proof of the Big Bang theory. But unfortunately, I’ve found little proof of a God in the skies that looks down on us, judges our every action, and has the power to condemn us to eternal Hell. If God can transfer the power to walk on water and inspire a man to fill a boat with every animal on Earth, don’t you think it’s just as possible he could have created the Big Bang? 

“Do you not think the Big Bang theory is a bit far-fetched?”

(This one made me a laugh) Do you not think a mystical being in the sky is a bit far-fetched?

Anyway, I was constantly bombarded by questions centered around my faith. I don’t mind answering questions. I enjoy a heated debate every once and awhile. Every once and awhile. However, every date became more of a sermon. My boyfriend was the passionate,fired up preacher.

I broke up with him because we were too different and he didn’t seem willing to accept me as the confident, happy, agnostic girl I am.  I’ve recently found out that he has spread the idea that I broke up with him because I’m anti-Mormon. I went to an LDS church for ten years of my life. The majority of my family and friends are Mormon. No, I’m not anti-Mormon.

I had been invited by a friend to a dance held by The Church of Jesus Christ and of Latter-Day Saints.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the hate radiating off of every being in the occupied space? That night of the dance was my first experience. I walked by a group of guys I had never even met.

*Cough* *Cough* Atheist. 

Determined to have a good time, I kept walking and held my head a bit higher.

As the night progressed, I received a harsh glare from most everyone there. Even a few of the youth leaders. Every other dance was a slow dance. Not a single guy there asked me to dance. I got up and asked a few guys to dance. I was turned down each time. This was an entirely new experience for me. I was born a social butterfly. I’ve never had trouble making friends or felt awkward and shy. That night I felt isolated and hated. The friend that had invited me (I’m assuming she too felt the bitter atmosphere) soon left my side.

A thought crossed my mind. These are Christians. The bible teaches kind,open hearts. Instead, I witnessed the cruel, judgmental, bitter side of Christianity.  Thank you for reminding me why I left. I don’t want to be part of something so exclusive. So closed-hearted. I know, not all Christians are like this. Just the ones I’ve come in contact with.

As tempted as I was that night to spring back with:

*Cough* *Cough* Hippocratic, spiteful Mormon. 

I chose to take the path less traveled and rise higher. I hope that the youth at the dance mature and grow up to become great people. I’m sorry my ex felt the need to declare my personal beliefs to his acquaintances.  This isn’t a story about how I am better than Christians. This is the story about how I opened up to a guy I trusted and was betrayed in the most cruel of ways. I understand now it was immaturity and ignorance. I’m thankful now to have the experience. I learn most about myself through moments of weakness. If anything, the experience strengthened me.




One thought on “The Story About That One Ex Jumbled with Religion.

  1. What they did was wrong and mean. I know how you feel, I was born into a Catholic family, but my dad taught us that everyone ought to find their own spiritual footing. I am an African and my mom grew up as an African Traditional worshipper, he converted her before her death. He taught my sisters and I that there was nothing wrong with other denominations or religions. Every now and again, I doubt God’s existence and lose faith, but he doesn’t scold me for it, he sits me down and tells me that I should look around and see proof of God. I just want to tell you that there is a God and I know how weird it sounds that there is this all-seeing guy up there who knows our every thought and deed, but he is up there and he loves you very much. Proof of his existence? You are still alive and well. He exists, he wants us to just believe he does and do his will.

    *I hope that I did not just bore or annoy you.


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