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My Person.

      My person. If you have ever seen an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy“, you know what I mean. Your person is much more than a best friend. Your person. My person is the most understanding being in this world.My person is she.

We have completely opposite views on nearly anything you can have a view on. She’s the one I go to first with the best and worst news. The person that has seen my darkest and lightest sides. She knows my emotions better than I know my self.She’s been there for me through the worst times. We share too many memories to count and I can’t wait for the memories awaiting us. She lets nothing get between us. We’re constantly faced with things that test our friendship. Through; other friends,boys,college,distance,lack of communication,life decisions. We’re there for each other. She won’t even let us argue. Before we get too fired up she takes a step back and brings me back to reality.

She’ll be the first I call for a spontaneous adventures.

The person I’ll call at 2 am because a guy just broke me.

She’ll be my Maid of Honor.

The only person I’d be willing to road trip with.

She’ll be the one to help me move on.

She’ll bring me vodka and chocolate on a rainy night.

She’ll hold my hand when we go and get matching tattoos.

She’ll be my shopping in Paris person. (Everyone has one)

She’ll be my lunch break partner.

She’s my confident.

She’s half of my spirit.

She’s my motivation.

She’s my binge watching buddy.

When I talk about her people question my sexuality. (totally straight, by the way)

She’s my person.

Right now I don’t get to see her too often. She’s off building her future. I know when she gets back it’ll be like nothing has changed and we’ll spend hours, days, catching each other up on all that’s happened in our lives since we last saw each other. This works out because we want the best for one another.

She’s my person.



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