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Forecast Today: Gay

Forecast today: Persecution by strangers

Everywhere you go, danger.

Two people in a love so strong,

The whole world claims it’s wrong.

They live in a world where even on a sunny day,

The greatest sin is being gay.

As they hold the rainbow flag,

Those around whisper “fag”.

They’ve been denied human rights,

By those that look down on them from an almighty height.

And when it rains,

All that’s thrown their way is disdain.

People fill with hatred at the thought,

Why? Because it’s not what the Bible taught.

So many have died,

Yet, not even their parents stand by their side.

Why does it matter so much,

That they may enjoy the same genders touch?

With every breath you take,

Others are calling you fake.

But can you fake the way you were born?

On this, a whole nation is torn.

I’m sure many would rather burn in hell together,

Than live in this dreadful weather.





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