About the author:

My name is Katelyn. I started writing when I was around 7. Mostly songs that I’m embarrassed to admit exist. But they do. Several are songs about how absolutely dreadful parents are. I’ve stumbled upon a few that have taught me a bit more about myself. I have a passion for writing and it tends to bring out the inner activist in me. I have no desire to preach to any crowd and so this is something I’m slowly working on. I’m agnostic and politically independent and I’m not looking to offend anyone. I love diversity and I think I the world would be otherworldly boring if everyone thought/believed/ and acted the same way. If I do offend anyone please email me and let me.

I decided to start writing soon after I opened a pinterest account. I found several inspiring poems by a young poet Erin Hanson. Reading his work brought me to a new level of awareness. He opened my eyes to the world and the magic spell words cast on people. At first I was writing only to myself. But, it becomes rather dull when you are the only one reading your work. I decided I needed input on whether or not my work was worth writing. I started a blog few months ago and I’m still posting nearly evert week. It become something I’m strongly passion ate about and I’m excited for what’s ahead Thank you all for reading and giving me reason to continue writing.



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